“Age Related”


I missed getting to post yesterday since I had very dilated pupils after my eye exam. They delighted my granddaughter who thought I resembled one of those big eyed stuffed toys. However, I  couldn’t focus enough to see the keyboard, so I passed on posting. I also missed catching up on comments and other writers, so I am doing double duty this morning.

If I hear the phrase “age related” again, I may yell in response “just call me old!” The phrase was bandied about at the eye doctor’s yesterday. Apparently my changing vision is due to cataracts developing in both my eyes. They aren’t serious enough yet to need surgery, but they are interfering with my vision. Cataracts are “age related.” Similarly, the little globs that are floating around in my vision are pieces of vitreous gel that have separated out and are actually floating around. Floaters are “age related.”

When I saw my doctor last month, I showed her the wonky way my little finger was now angled. She said it was not serious. It was “age related.” Similarly, she was untroubled by odd skin growths here and there on my body. Melanoma? No. “Age related.” As for my thinning hair, repeat after me “age related.”

I never heard this phrase when I was young. No one ever said my healthy muscles were “age related.” No one praised my vision as “age related.” Apparently this phrase is just hauled out to cushion the blow when medical professionals have to break the news to patients. It is, I guess, a kinder way of saying, “It happens to everyone when they get old. Get used to it!”

12 thoughts on ““Age Related”

  1. I recently had exactly the same said to me about my eyes!
    Cataract’s growing in both eyes, age related!
    I have had the vitreous globs for 20 years now & back then it was also age related! Apparently still is!
    Dry raised spots on my white alabaster skin, age related!

    Good thing I don’t mind growing older! But that’s age related too! Lol!
    I enjoyed this post Elizabeth, thank you,

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  2. I’ve had just the same experiences 🙂 Fortunately I can still focus far more easily on the joys and benefits that retirement has brought – rather than the aches, pains and other “age-related” manifestations!

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