“What’s Up?”


Lest anyone in New England breathe a sigh of relief and imagine that Spring is around the corner(that would be me!) please read the above. Yes, you got it. We are about to get hit with another round of snow. Well it has been known to snow in April, so this isn’t too unusual. However, it had reached 50 degrees F yesterday, so I had actually switched my heaviest jacket for my second heaviest jacket. And I actually wore shoes instead of boots. Fortunately the snow blower is operating. My windshield wiper which broke in the ice has been replaced. My boots are still in the front of my closet. My heaviest jacket, hat and gloves are still easily retrievable.

If you are enjoying Spring, keep it to yourself!!!

11 thoughts on ““What’s Up?”

  1. Yesterday here in the Woodstock NY area most of the snow melted and I opened some windows, but no way would I put away any snow shovels or boots or run out of pellets for the stove. It ain’t over til it’s over–

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        1. We have screens on a door or two (since we moved in last summer we did not know there were no glass bits to put in them!), and that is the only air we voluntarily get other than going outside!

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        2. Hmm, ours is not accessible to me–it has one of those trapdoor-ladder things that pulls donw right onto the staircase under it, and I do not feel stable/strong enough to climb up there. I am so grateful my partner has forgotten about that, so they won’t be up there getting in trouble. We do have random bits of screen, old windows, glass bits, all over–in the room with the oil tank, in other rooms, in the odd little shed that has great moss on the top. I’ll get more serious about it when we get over this snow from last night maybe–


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