“Fasting and Feasting 6”



“Fasting from words that hurt and feasting on words that nurture”

Here I am reading to my beloved little sister Patsy who seems to be focusing elsewhere! At least we are snuggled up next to each other and all encased in flannel.

My father used to say “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” It wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. Perhaps in the 50’s we only recognized physical abuse, but today we know about emotional abuse, usually verbal. Words certainly do damage, although it may be less visible than bruises on the surface.

We all know how just hearing “there, there” can soothe our pain. We know how wonderful it feels when someone learns our name and uses it with affection. We even use special words for those closest to us signifying their place in our heart. But just as real is the pain when someone spits out our name in anger or calls us a demeaning word, “lying” or “little” or even “deplorable.”

May we pay attention to what we say. May we recognize the ways words are hurting our country and bringing division. May we find it in ourselves to use our words to heal and not to damage.

21 thoughts on ““Fasting and Feasting 6”

        1. I was so disappointed in the union suit that I bought around the holidays this year for myself–it had a drop seat, but only one button, and even though I had bought a very large size since they seem to be men’s-only and I had no idea how it might fit, the trap door was not good. It was only an overlap, and not an actual drop seat, so had to be pulled open awkwardly as opposed to simply being appropriately open or closed. It made me sad, and nervous!

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        2. The kind I had thirty years ago in Vermont was practical with two snaps, or maybe even another. I bought this through Vermont Country Store this year, and I have to say it isn’t like it used to be. The military-grade all-cotton longjohns tops and bottoms are ace though. They’ve gotten a lot of wear this winter!

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  1. I really like your message here. There should be a way to address important issues without being insulting and causing even more division. That’s not what we need as a country. A very thought-provoking post.


  2. The tone of the words are just as important. Having exposed to a different culture in North America, it is prominent to me even the softest voice can cut deeply.

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