Fasting and Feasting 7″


“Fasting from polarizing attitudes and feasting on our common call”

This last of my seven feasting and fasting posts features a picture of me kissing my doll who apparently needed some loving. All of these posts have caused me to really explore the idea of fasting. Fasting is meant to feel uncomfortable as we go without something we enjoy. No one talks, for instance, about fasting from getting a root canal! So I have had to acknowledge that I have experienced pleasure from some of the things this series has asked me to give up. In my case, it is especially apathy(#1), words that hurt(#6) and polarizing attitudes(today’s post.)

When I consider what it might mean to feast on our common call, I am challenged by my warped perception which has increased in the last year that we don’t have a common call. But then I see this photo and remember how much I am called to love and not to hate. I am called to take the log out of my own eye before commenting on the sliver in the other’s eye. I am called to include the stranger because I may be entertaining “angels unaware.” These are the common calls on me that come from my faith.

But what of the larger common call that is bigger than my particular faith? While it has specific Jewish roots, I hope that God’s command to “choose life” resonates with everyone. This is not a political statement(however much it has been co-opted by some causes), but rather a directive to turn toward life and away from death. Nasty words, polarizing attitudes, apathy and scorn are all death bringers. May we all direct our lives towards life.

18 thoughts on “Fasting and Feasting 7″

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your searies, Elizabeth, and honoured to learn wisdom along the way. Yes, even dolls need some loving and it is a tool for us to show that we are made of love through the image of God. Blessings, Perpetua

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