“Dirty Feet?”


The human head of the Catholic Church(Christ is the Head of the Church)washed the feet of prisoners today, part of the Maundy Thursday observances. Here, without his hat, with a simple basin and towel, he is going from foot to foot in this process.

Are their feet dirty? Why else would he do such a strange act? Rituals are very different from one religion to another. Something might seem strange to me in a normal Hindu observance, and I have learned about that faith from fellow bloggers. For anyone confused by this activity, I give a brief explanation.

The Tridium–three days that lead up to the Feast of Easter–are dedicated to immersing the believer in the life of Jesus. One of Jesus’ last acts was to wash the feet of his disciples. They were baffled by this. Why was their leader stooping to wash the filth off their feet? It was unseemly and a task only for servants. Which was Jesus’ point. He was demonstrating that we are to serve, not dominate, one another.

So on Maundy Thursday, we allow our feet(usually hidden)to be seen and washed. We wash one another’s feet. We are reminded that we are all equal. Domination is not the way of Christ. Despite the frequently misunderstood message of the Gospel, it really is meant to be good news. For each person on the earth. God loves us all. ALL.

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