Today is Good Friday, a day Christians remember the crucifixion of Christ. It is a solemn day as we realize that the disciples had no idea what would happen next. They really believed that all was lost, that the Roman empire was not about to be overthrown, that all their efforts had been in vain, and that they had been taken for fools. Many of us can identify with those feelings, no matter the circumstances.

And yet, here is the nuthatch, a frequent visitor to our feeders. She goes headfirst down the tree, heedless of the way most of the birds move head up. She looks foolish, I suppose, to one who thinks birds are meant to go up trees, not down them. Nuthatches seem to demonstrate an unusual sense of trust. I admire their headlong journey.

As for me, I have the advantage of knowing, as the disciples didn’t, how the story ends for Christians in the Resurrection. I look forward to our Easter Vigil Mass tomorrow night after sundown. But right now I probably look foolish to some. I’m going headfirst into Good Friday, trusting that Easter will arrive once again.

9 thoughts on ““Headfirst”

  1. I love Easter Vigil mass when the Psalms are read and when there is Baptism too. That feeling of hope and new beginnings We look forward to the Resurrection.


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