“Such A Deal”


We recently received a small package in the mail letting us know that we qualified for the Luxury Card. The presentation of this offer, intended to impress us, had several layers and looked like an invitation to a very elaborate wedding. The material extolled the benefits of this “luxury” card and implied that we were indeed very special people to have been “invited” to receive one.

While I don’t need a bank to tell me that we are “special people,” I was intrigued by this offer. Why were they offering such benefits as a “concierge”  and the ability to impress others with the distinctive look of the card? (I wanted to tell them that I have never known any store clerk to be in awe of mine or any other customer’s credit card.) If I wanted, they would rush me the new card so I could begin impressing others within the week.

Since I will read anything in front of me(I used to read the cereal box when I was a kid), I read the back of this exquisite offer. There, after noting the amazing interest rate of 24.99%, the very fine print told me that the annual fee for the card was $500. I felt extremely flattered.  I don’t know anyone who pays a $500 annual fee. That would certainly make us very special people indeed!



8 thoughts on ““Such A Deal”

  1. Ha! I had something similar just yesterday (though for a lowly supermarket chain). For a mere £150 a year I could get the card I already have, which serves me very well, but with extra savings. Provided I use it to spend at least £5000 a year with them….

    I think not 😨

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