“I Know Where You’ve Been”


While there has been a lot in the news lately about the way Facebook has been making money selling its information about users, I have not been surprised. I never thought that any of the social media platforms were in it for their benevolence. How did people think the companies were valued so highly? Yes, one doesn’t have to pay to use the platforms, but one knows(or should know) that they are giving out their personal views for free. Clearly this is a treasure trove of data that many organizations want to access.

Still, occasionally I am amused by the rapid response to something I have searched for on the internet. Yesterday I needed an image to illustrate my post about the luxury credit card we had been offered. Anyone who read it would realize that I had less than no interest in acquiring one. Still, I had found the image using a Google search engine. Later in the day, I opened a newspaper web site. Sure enough, there on the right was an offer to apply for the same credit card.

No matter what you are looking for, someone is very interested in selling you something. You would think they were tracking my every move. Oh, yeah. They are.

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