“Staying Alive”


Sunday night having a great feast of Chinese food with family and friend, my eight year old grandson announced he was glad he wasn’t alive in the Middle Ages. Where this thought came from is one of the ongoing mysteries of life. With the kids around, I go from hearing about making slime to dog clothing to living in the Middle Ages. His mother told him he would have not survived, probably dying form the bubonic plague. He immediately snapped back,”I would have died from no internet.”

I had been considering a new series of posts, and this comment cemented my decision. For a while now, I will be writing about common objects and activities from my childhood and young adult life that seem totally foreign to my grandchildren. I am thinking of things such as nylon stockings, phone booths, long distance operators, the time lady and other ordinary parts of life. Whenever someone of my era thinks of another common object or experience now gone, please feel to note it in any of my comment sections.

Till tomorrow then.

29 thoughts on ““Staying Alive”

  1. Oh, this made me smile! Looking forward to what you come up, Elizabeth 🙂 You will almost certainly spark some memories – and some inspiration for my ideas on this theme.


  2. Okay, so I am a little younger than you (as I have children not grandchildren), but I grew up in the country (where technology doesn’t come as fast sometimes), and we definitely had some things that fall in this category. What about the rotary phone or the CB radio or pager (both things that we had in our house so we could get calls to my veterinarian father when he was out)? I’ll keep thinking since I am sure I can come up with more…


  3. I look forward to your new series of posts, Elizabeth. It surprises me how much things have changed in even the last 50 years; and how often I find myself talking about something that the younger people in my life have no reference for!


  4. I think outdoor games also seem a bit lost on this new generation. When was the last time you saw kids doing jump rope? We delay that until late 20s and 30s now, when we start to get fat from that beloved Internet and the vast amount of sitting it encourages. 😂


      1. You raised her well! I was a dirty little Tom boy who insisted on dresses. I’d come home looking like a broken ragdoll covered in dirt to my mom’s eternal horror 😂


        1. Well we lived in the woods when she was little, then in a neighborhood with lots of outdoor space to explore and lots of kids. I had trouble keeping her in the house!


        2. Living in the woods, or near them, as a kid, is always pretty darn amazing. Man…. I started a few fires trying to cook in the woods. 😂 Nothing serious though.


        3. My brother and I once found a smouldering fire in a log near our home. We were very excited. In retrospect I guess someone was probably living in the woods, though we never thought of that.


        4. Haha, I imagine you were. The woods behind my house were private property and ours, so we never saw anyone there. We would go all the way to the end and cut down bananas and fry them to make chips! 😂

          There were also a lot of bamboo trees and man, the sound when the wind passes through them, so peaceful. As a teenager I used to go down there and recite poetry to the wind, haha. I had exams, and it was the best way to remember them for it.


        5. Not any more. Nor are speeches memorized any more. We had to learn the Gettysburg Address, the preamble to the Constitution and countless poems. No longer.


        6. Oh wow… I’m not sure I had to memorise any speeches for exams, but we definitely memorised poems, multiplication tables, formulas, and definitions. Jamaica uses rote learning a lot, so memorising things is a big part of our education system from kindergarten. I can still recite word for word the first definition I learned in 7th grade.

          Geography is the study of the earth as the home of man, and man’s efforts to make a living from his environment.



  5. How about, have you ever use a pair of pliers to change the TV station? Did your pups roam the neighborhood free without a leash? Remember when playgrounds weren’t primary-colored safety zones? Cars without seat belts of anti-lock brakes? I remember sitting on porches and having neighbors stop by for chats. Sometimes the guys would bring instruments, and they would have impromptu performances.


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