“52 Card Pickup”


My siblings and I loved to play all kinds of card games. They all had specific rules that we agreed, even if begrudgingly, to follow. One game, however, was a practical joke which we never tired of playing on each other and other kids: 52 Card Pickup. Quite simply, one asked “do you want to play 52 Card Pickup?” The unsuspecting child would say, “sure.” Then the jokester would throw all the cards in the air shouting: “52 Card Pickup” and walk away laughing.

I have refrained from political commentary for a long time on this blog. However, after watching Donald Trump basically play 52 Card Pickup with the heads of state gathered in Canada for a meeting, I had to say something. Donald Trump does not know how to play with others. He is not interested in the rules. He is not even interested in looking back after he throws the deck in the air. He expects that the rest of the world will pick up after him.

To all my readers in Canada, Germany, France, and England, please know that a majority of Americans are appalled at the behavior of Donald Trump. He only knows how to disrupt, not build. We will find a way through this and hope that you will find a way to let us work with you again.

13 thoughts on ““52 Card Pickup”

  1. I’ve been wondering how this will affect Jamaica. Jamaica and Canada are excellent friends. We are very close, and America often bullies us for being friends with countries they don’t consider allies. I really hope they don’t start that again.



      1. Buahahahahahaha! One of my friends just told me the same thing. He said, “I’m not sure the president is culturally aware enough to know about Jamaica, and even less, its relationship with Canada.”


  2. Our boat has been temporarily hijacked by a very incapable and bad-natured person at the helm, but he’s not the only person on the boat or in the ocean–mayday! mayday!


  3. Speaking of DT, I think our president is worse than yours Elizabeth. Short of selling his soul and the whole Philippines to China, I shake my head in wonder.


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