“Isolationist In Chief”


I have spent my life collaborating with others. That is probably a result of living with five other people with a small hot water heater! At any rate, I have learned that other people have needs and ideas and that life goes better if we coordinate. Even though I might have thought my long bath was more important than every other family member’s, I still limited my soaks and showers.

The United States is plagued right now by a “leader” who has no interest in working with others. Worse still, he feels the need to demean and bully anyone who has a need that conflicts with his own. Not the nation’s, mind you, but his own. And his primary need is to be left standing alone, talking to himself, deciding things himself and then being endlessly praised.

I am reminded of the children’s game Farmer in the Dell. In that circle song, the farmer chooses a wife, the wife a child, the child a nurse, the nurse a dog, the dog a cat, the cat a mouse and the mouse the cheese. But the cheese is left standing alone. That’s how I envision the leader of the United States. Alone.

It’s a terrible way to live, and he is unfortunately trying to take as many people as possible to his dark isolated corner of the world. May we join together to demonstrate a different view of life. May we continue to speak truth to power. May we continue to combat lies with truth. May Donald Trump have a spiritual awakening that allows others to enter his cold, lonely prison of self.

3 thoughts on ““Isolationist In Chief”

  1. I am truly sorry how Trump is behaving especially when he came to Canada for the G7. I do pray for the world’s leaders that they make the right choices. I also pray for people of America, our neighbor. America, that we remain as friends regardless of what Trump tweets about.


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