“How Does Your Garden Grow?”


I love hollyhocks, though I can’t consciously remember ever seeing them growing up. Since they have such an emotional response from me, I assume that my grandparents had them in their yard. Here hollyhocks are subject to rust which destroys them. Last year we planted a rust resistant variety and they are in bloom right now. They take a full year to grow and bloom, so this is the first flowers we had from them.

My husband is a master gardener and I am a devoted fan of his gardening. My skill rests solely in asking him to plant annuals each late spring. He loves bulbs and perennials but gladly prepares and plants my annual bed each year. I favor sunflowers, zinnia and cosmos, so those are the seeds he plants for me. I am always amazed by how many flowers come up from such inexpensive packets of seeds.

Scattered on the driveway behind the hollyhocks are hundreds of cherry pits. We have a lovely pie cherry tree outside our kitchen window from which I hang our bird feeders. Needless to say, the birds think that the cherries are just another food source we have put out just for them. They eat them as soon as they ripen. I only wish they were more tidy with the pits!

20 thoughts on ““How Does Your Garden Grow?”

    1. I froze them for a few years, but I really enjoy watching the birds get them. This morning a family of downy woodpeckers was grazing together on the tree–parents and two babies.

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  1. Oh, you must have a beautiful garden. These are my all-time favourites. We are just like birds, too, when it comes to cherries.


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