This little Maine fisherman spins his oars and turns around in his little boat whenever the wind blows. He adds a touch of amusement to our yard. You may also be able to see a little yellow cottage with green shutters in the far background of the yard. This playhouse served to entertain our grandkids when they were little, but I had bought it before their births because I had always wanted a playhouse. On top of our garage is a weather vane of a cow. Why? Because my husband loves cows.

Our yard will never be part of one of those pay to look at other peoples’ gardens tours. It wasn’t designed by a landscape architect, nor will in be featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Instead it displays both my husband’s love of perennials and berries, my love of annuals and both of our affection for the whimsical.

The little fisherman makes me laugh as he reminds me of myself on many days, rowing and rowing and going nowhere but in circles. The playhouse healed a long ago childhood wound and we call it a “garden shed” for those who would never understand. The cow spins around looking for the barn so he can come in out of the rain. We simply love our yard!

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