“Dog Days of Summer”


I realize that this picture makes our dog look weird, but she is fine, just chewing on an ice cube, part of which is next to her head. At the moment she is obsessed with ice cubes. She recognizes when I get a glass out of the cupboard and runs for the ice she is sure to follow. She can be upstairs and hear me in the downstairs kitchen and she comes running. I am unclear why ice satisfies her so much, but it is certainly cheaper and less waistline expanding than dog treats.

I am not sure why these are called “dog days.” Around here, every day is a dog day. As far as our dog is concerned, we are her little flock of two and it is her job to keep track of us. I talked about getting a puppy several months ago, and ever since she has followed one or both of us from room to room. I think she is not too subtly suggesting that she is more than enough. Who needs another dog?

My husband works four days a week and likes to sleep in on his day off. This causes our dog some concern and she will poke and lick him hoping he will get up at his usual time. I have to remember to shut the door to the bedroom so he can sleep. Then our dog lies down outside the bedroom door awaiting his appearance. She stays there until he gets up.

Unless she hears the freezer door open!

21 thoughts on ““Dog Days of Summer”

  1. In our household, we are the love slaves of the cats, whom we obtained used about a month ago from the local shelter. The oldest boy, who is about 8, chews on anything he sees in order to signal that he wants food, so I need to keep an eye on him and also not encourage that. A little noise to show that the foodbowl is distressingly less-than-full is fine, but he knocked some hand-drawn-by-good-artists artworks off the counter on his latest rampage and they are stuck behind the heavy furniture right now. Oh well–he was shocked to get a little spray of water in his direction for the naughtiness, and disappointed that it did not result in me racing to add more food to the food that was already there. We’re learning each other. My husband really enjoys them and over feeds them, so I have to adjust to simply feeding them anough when he’s not here, or they would double in size in unhealthy ways.


      1. My husband just told me on the phone that he bought a range of cans of catfood in (expensive) New York City, which he will then have to carry home in his backpack, since ‘they might like it’ so he just couldn’t resist. I have been trying to explain that getting the cats fussy and addicted to catfud (the B. Kliban spelling) that costs something like $7.00-9.00 for the amount which we get locally for $3.49 is unwise. Good luck to all. The oldest cat tried the random-chewing-on-items ploy on me again today, but it got nowhere so he gave up.


        1. I think there are edges and edges. We still have tons of toys and little towers and things that he bought for the previous bunch of cats, so they are available for the current incumbents. I won’t mention the clothing idea, since he’d find something like tiny hats or neckerchiefs, and I don’t want those–


        2. Hmm. Somebody is making a lot of money on her! My cousin has knitted a few outfits for her tiny dog, and perhaps they have some kind of boots that keep the poisonous ice-melt off its feet, but not enough outfits for fashion shoots–


  2. Shadow is very concerned when I don’t get up at my usual time, haha. It’s funny because I have a different set time for different days and nights and he knows them all. It usually takes him about 2 weeks to decide something is ongoing. If my alarm doesn’t go off at the usual time, he will promptly make it his business to wake me. He has often woken me a minute or 2 before my alarm goes. He’s a smart kitty!


  3. A flock of two … poor dog. She needs your grandchildren to herd. Ice cubes are way better than ice cream. What a treat!


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