“Comic Cosmos”


Cosmos flowers make me laugh. They send up long frilly stalks topped off with a bright bloom. They sway in the breeze, showing off their exuberance. They have no desire to be contained, and push over the fence and over the walkway. These first blooms are from last year’s seeds. The ones my husband planted have just started to blossom.

There are people who like very tidy gardens, the plants evenly spaced, old blooms deadheaded, short plants in front, tall ones in back. As you can tell from my posts, I like the abundance of summer annuals. They seem like summer itself, free of restraint, unbound by convention. Cosmos especially seem to want to go every which way, not even growing straight up like their sunflower kin.

It will be autumn soon enough. For today, I get to enjoy the cosmos showing off in the hot summer sun.


11 thoughts on ““Comic Cosmos”

  1. I think that is great that cosmos flowers make you laugh! They are showing off! I admit, I laughed when I read that. I have never seen a plant or a flower in that light before, but now I’m going to be on the lookout…


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