“Lavender Blue”


This glorious hydrangea bloom appeared a couple of days ago reminding me of that song “lavender’s blue dilly dilly.” This color does seem to be a lavender blue. I enjoy hydrangea bushes because you can choose the color by amending the soil. Our neighbor’s bush has pink blooms. I expect our soil is a little more acidic since it is so perfect for blueberries.

The blooms are even pretty when they dry, keeping their shape as they do so. I have seen people put the dried blossoms into vases. I prefer to leave them on the bush myself. This bush was a housewarming present for friends who didn’t want it. We took the gallon container and my husband planted it next to my playhouse. It happily thrives with little or no attention. That, as you may have gathered from my posts, is my kind of plant!

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