“Flowing Waters”


I always wanted a waterfall, stream or fountain in the back yard, and last year we installed this water feature. With three slabs of Columbia River basalt acting as the bubblers, the fountain runs on a timer from 7am until 7pm. Its gentle noise is like the small brook that ran at the bottom of my childhood home.

In the photo you can also see some of the abundant cardinal flowers which populate the yard. They are favorites of bees and butterflies and add bright color highlights to the shade under the nearby dogwood. The plastic pipe arch is part of the covering system to prevent squirrels eating the strawberries grown under it. The wire fencing keeps the dog in her part of the yard.

Just think. I could have artfully cropped this photo to show only the fountain. This way you get a whole tour of the corner!

14 thoughts on ““Flowing Waters”

  1. I like the smooth, black stones. I bet it’s very relaxing to hear and see. You even have strawberries! It all looks beautiful, and it sounds like you get a lot of enjoyment from it.


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