“On The Clock”


I originally bought these flowers because the cover of the seed packet looked appealing. I knew nothing about Four O’Clocks, as they are called, at the time. Much to my delight, they have thrived in my annual bed for the past five years. They burst forth with cheerful blooms, but only in the last afternoon. They sleep in through the morning when the zinnias, cosmos and sunflowers are blazing away.

I laugh because they seem to awaken about the same time that I hit my late afternoon slump. I am a morning and late night person, but the late afternoon and I have trouble getting along. I usually taught my seminars either from 8-11 am or or 11-2pm. All went well during these time slots. Once, despite my warnings, the Dean scheduled a class of mine from 2-5pm. Art students loved this time slot, but it was deadly for me. In fact, it was the only semester during my many years of teaching that I received negative reviews about my “interest in the subject matter.” After that one time, I was never again asked to teach in the afternoon.

So the Four O’Clocks stand in stark contrast to my torpor at 4pm. Fortunately, they continue blooming into the evening. I am able to sit outside on the porch swing after dinner and enjoy their gorgeous display.

20 thoughts on ““On The Clock”

  1. Good thing they last long enough for you to see. Isn’t it funny how some bodies just have such clear circadian rhythms that there is no real changing them…? These days I go to bed latelate, and nothing changes it. I went to sleep at 11 pm two days ago, slept twelve hours, and was back to going to bed very very late the next night. I do tend to wake up at the same time though, whether I go to sleep at 3:30 a.m. or 11 p.m. Oh well–thank goodness I don’t have many early morning activities these days.


      1. I have hardly been on here in the last two or even three weeks. Life has been very busy and I am involved with a list that has been having hundreds of posts per day, so…I hope that you are well.


        1. It’s for those with DID/dissociative disorders and supporters. It’s run by therapybits, who has a very interesting blog here about living with multiple personality situations–so the irony is that even though there may be twenty bodies on the list or only maybe ten bodies that are very active sometimes, there are countless viewpoints and insider folks who reply and discuss things. In general, it’s a very nice and interesting group, although now and again a cranky person shows up.


  2. Yes, that is a good description of it, lovely. I have those out by the front porch. I never can seem to see them when they are opening or closing. Glad someone else enjoys them also.


  3. These plants self seed and easy to maintain. When people ask me when the flowers will open, I say! 4 o’clock 😂🤗🤣


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