Home Grown Tomatoes”


The singer Guy Clark had a wonderful song that went “there’s only two things that money can’t buy—true love and home grown tomatoes.” I agree completely and fortunately with my husband I get both!

Each year he is tempted to put tomato plants into the ground in late May, but remembers that here early planting doesn’t mean early fruit. It just risks early plant death. So he waits until the old Italian men at church tell him it’s time. Come to think of it, we are just as old. Anyway, he seeks their advice and plants accordingly. The tomatoes are just starting to really come on. Too many to eat out of hand, no matter how hard we try.

My husband loves tomato and peanut butter sandwiches. He made the mistake of telling one of those fore mentioned Italian men about this. “A” replied that it was such a sin that he needed to go to Confession! I guess he missed the tomato rule book.

He cuts up all the excess ones and freezes them in little bags. All year he thaws a bag at a time and fries them along side his eggs and bacon. By late September you can guess the contents of our freezer— blueberries and tomatoes.


13 thoughts on “Home Grown Tomatoes”

  1. That is a song out of my childhood, though my dad listened to the John Denver version! We also grow large numbers of tomatoes and then can all the ones we don’t eat–homemade sauce in February is about as good as it gets.


  2. I need to follow your blog to get the best gardening tips. I love homegrown juicy tomato slices, mayo, and onions on fresh baked bread!


  3. Never heard that song, Lucky you for able to eat tomatoes. I have to stay away from night shades veg because they cause inflammation. I missed friend tomatoes.


  4. I thought I was the only one allergic to nightshades! Glad yet sorry to hear that I am not alone. Does your husband simply thaw the frozen tomato slices and eat them as he would sliced fresh ones? I am thinking about telling my Mom about this idea.


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