“Back To School?”

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For the majority of my life I followed a calendar tied to education. My year started the day after Labor Day(the first Monday in September) and ended in late May or early June. The first 22 years of my life followed this pattern, as did my graduate schooling and my profession as a college professor.Now that I am retired, the calendar year supposedly starts on January 1. New Year’s Day kicks it off and the cultural expectation is that it is a time to reassess and reevaluate one’s life. Resolutions supposedly begin on that day.

However, I have never adjusted my inner calendar to accommodate the external one. September always seems like the beginning of a new year. I go shoe shopping for a sturdy pair of oxfords for the fall. My interest in cooking dinner returns. While I don’t make formal resolutions, I think about areas of my life that could benefit from a little more attention. This year, for instance, I could use a little more room between my pants and my stomach! Lycra can only do so much.

So happy New Year to any of my readers who also feel revitalized by September. It’s bound to be a great year.

11 thoughts on ““Back To School?”

  1. I suppose for us that worked in a school system, school calendar is the norm. Some instructor are differentiated as 10 or 12 months.


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