“One Morning In Maine”


We are on our annual week long vacation, this time a return to Bar Harbor, Maine. It took us seven hours to drive here, after  factoring leaving our dog at the boarders, doubling back to the highway, stopping several times to snack a little and going through construction. We are staying in our favorite ocean side hotel with the balcony shown above,

Bar Harbor has more crowds than even five years ago. Partly they come from the huge cruise ships who stop here and taxi their passengers in for the day. Partly also, I think, because my generation of post War babies is now retiring and traveling. Born in 1947, I was one of the first of these, but each year there are lots more of us.

Fortunately, our old theory proves true: we can outwalk any crowd very easily. While near the pier Bar Harbor is filled with interesting shops, walking for over five minutes put us in lovely neighborhoods and took us to a quiet restaurant with superb—-get ready for it—-haddock. My long followers may remember I like a seafood focus each vacation. I had planned on scallops, but had haddock last night as an “early bird” special.

Bar Harbor’s only downside is that the news vendor doesn’t open until 9am. Missing the New York Times crossword with my breakfast is a small sacrifice compared with the chance to hear lapping waves as I drink my coffee.

9 thoughts on ““One Morning In Maine”

  1. My seafood focus every vacation is trying to find mussels. I am rarely if ever successful outside of New England! I wanted to come up there for October but I think it would be wiser to focus on paying off this car ASAP.

    Enjoy the seafood for the both of us! And the ocean…my how I miss that!


    1. Yes mussels. I used to pluck,them off rocks in Oregon and cook and eat them. I am back on a scallops kick. Twice so far after that initial haddock. Hope to see you some time. You can stay here.


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