“Retail Reflections #3”


Milk was delivered to our back door and left in a little wooden box. My mother would write an order for how many quarts of milk, cartons of cottage cheese or sour cream that she needed and the Alpenrose Dairy man would leave it early in the day. Because she was home there was no worry about the milk getting warm before it was once again refrigerated. She could adjust the order as often as she needed, taking into account extra guests, an upcoming dinner party or a vacation. We never ran out of milk. That was a good thing since it was before the advent of stores open on Sunday or late in the evening.

The Alpenrose Dairy was local, just a few miles from our home. They encouraged field trips for school children and I was able to see the cows, the milking machines, the pastures and drink a glass of cold milk before boarding the bus back to school.


Alpenrose Dairy didn’t need to promote themselves as local and friendly since everyone already knew they were both. After all, a little white truck with a jovial milkman came to our house regularly. So regularly, of course, that in our day a child who didn’t resemble either parent was jokingly linked to the milkman!


15 thoughts on ““Retail Reflections #3”

  1. Those are great memories. When I was growing up we had the milkman truck come by and mom would fill out the little order slips. Those were days when you could leave the front door unlocked.


  2. I remember as a child, we had a silver box on the front porch where the milk was placed when delivered. It came in glass bottles and was delicious – whole milk, of course before the low-fat craze. The same company (Smith Brothers) still delivers milk and other products here.


  3. Funny how things change. We had milk delivered and it was all anyone at our house drank besides coffee or beer. Now no one in our family drinks it. We do keep boxes of almond milk in the basement for our coffee and different recipes. I don’t know if that’s typical of today’s American family or not.


  4. When I was a girl, milk used to be delivered daily by a milkman. It came in glass bottle with a silver foil came and the cream used to collect at the top of the bottle. The milkman also delivered fresh orange juice.


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