“Retail Reflections #4”


While it is true that there was no drugstore on line since there was no on line, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have direct delivery. As I mentioned, our family had one car used by my dad for work. If we needed medicine or other drug items when Dad was at work, Wally of Watson’s Valley Pharmacy brought them to the house. While the photo above is not of his drug store, it is very similar.

There were not many drugs available at the time to treat kids’ infections. Penicillin was delivered by a massive shot in the rear end. One shot and that was it. I wonder sometimes how much antibiotics we were exposed to that way. My brother, however, developed a penicillin allergy(probably related to the question I just asked) and he was treated with sulfa drugs. These came in a little paper box such as shown below.and were delivered by the pharmacist.

Example box

One terrible day my brother started eating these from the box and had to be forced to vomit them all back up. There were no childproof little pill boxes.

While I am saving my retail conclusions until the end of the series, I hope by now that many things said to be ruining retail were done in earlier times. It is just that they were phone to and delivery by the vendor in person rather than on-line and delivery by UPS.

18 thoughts on ““Retail Reflections #4”

  1. I guess it’s true; one big (painful) shot in the behind is no longer recommended. Looking back, it almost seems kind of primitive! For decades now, we’ve receive a “course” of antibiotics, not a super-shot.


  2. I ate my mom’s birth control as a child. Still no childproof on those 😄 I asked her what they were and she wouldn’t tell me, but it was in the same drawer as my meds. One day I ran out, so I figured I would take one or 2 of hers and see what happened 👀


  3. One huge jab of penicillin like that must have had a very bad effect on your body, Elizabeth. I remember my Grandmother saying that she wished she had access to pain killers for children when her kids were small. There was nothing available during the war.


    1. I am sure that many of the things they did to us had bad effects. I had a friend get thyroid cancer from radiation “treatments” he had as a kid for tonsillitis.


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