“100 Years Ago”

Captain Robert Kenneth Lindsay


Regimental Number: NA
Force: Army
Regiment: Canadian Army Medical Corps
Unit: No. 11 Field Ambulance

I never met my paternal grandfather since he died in 1930, but he served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in France in the first world war as an ambulance worker. He was present at the terrible battle at Vimy Ridge, France where over 3000 Canadian soldiers died and over 7000 were injured. I cannot imagine viewing such carnage, particularly as a medic.

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada was at Vimy Ridge paying homage to the soldiers of that battle.


Although this is Armistice Day recognizing the 100th anniversary of the peace in Europe following World War 1, it seems that war rages on in the world. May we find some way beyond yelling, shaming and killing to settle our differences.

7 thoughts on ““100 Years Ago”

  1. He’s sort of like my step-president or god-president, the way one is a step-parent or godparent for someone especially when the person does not have a living good parent/president to be of use and of good example–


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