“Harry Potter Without Me”


I was born long after the Harry Potter series, and my children were past the Harry Potter stage when the books came out. My older grandchild has read all seven books, totally a gizillion pages it seems. I was happily staying Harry Potter ignorant until we decided on a family vacation this February to Orlando, Florida where my daughter has a training. The kids are dying to go to Universal Studios Orlando, home of—you guessed it-The World of Harry Potter.

I could spend hours touring the Wizarding World, but I would have no idea of what the excitement meant. So I decided to break down and actually read the books for myself. Since I listen to many fiction texts instead of reading them in print, I downloaded the first volume last night and am a third of the way through it. While I doubt I will have the stamina to listen to probably 60 hours to get through the series, I thought I could at least start.

Reader, I married him. Not really, but I always wanted to use that line from “Jane Eyre.” What is true is that the book delights me, taking me back to the time I easily entered into the world of wizards, magic, flying and good and evil in combat. And I hope to be able to scream with joy when we visit Harry’s wizarding world.

12 thoughts on ““Harry Potter Without Me”

  1. Nissa has a complete set of the seven HP books, all hardbound. I read them all too back in those days when HP was so popular, watched the movie adaptations too with the kids.


  2. I love Harry Potter, Elizabeth. I have read all 7 books twice by myself and I read them all to Michael too. Greg was a huge fan until he discovered Tolkien. Now he is a Tolkien snob but he started with Potter.


  3. Elizabeth, I have a confession: I haven’t read any Harry Potter books, either; so, now, you are ahead of me! (I have seen all the movies, however). I can’t wait to read about your family’s experience at The World of Harry Potter – I hope it’s magical and fun!


  4. I just finished the series this year picking them up at 28 years old! It was the Orlando trip that got me thinking about it too and I’m hooked now! I just recently started a blog about it so if you’re interested https://neverbeentohogwarts.home.blog/ It does feel like a marriage with the amount of commitment starting the series doesn’t it? haha


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