“Listen Up”


As I mentioned when writing about Harry Potter, I often listen to books, especially fiction. This habit started when my daughter lived several hours away. I would listen to books on cassette tapes from the library on my long drive. But I still preferred to read books on paper. My next car didn’t have a cassette drive, so I took to listening to satellite radio instead. My book listening days were over I thought.

Years later I bought an IPod and learned to download music. The local library also offered a way to download books for free. Intrigued by the possibility, I tried it. I had always believed I read too quickly to be patient as a book was read to me, but I liked it more than I thought I would.

But the best feature of audio books turned out to be bedtime harmony. My husband goes to bed a couple of hours before me since he rises very early. I could read downstairs and miss his company, or I could spend two hours awake in the dark next to him. Neither was very appealing. But audio books saved my marriage(not really, but I like the sound of that as an advertisement.) Now we get into bed together, turn out the lights and he sleeps while I listen to my book. Now about his snoring!!

5 thoughts on ““Listen Up”

  1. Do you have “audible” – or, on what platform do you access audiobooks? I’ve been thinking about giving my eyes a break, and listening to podcasts and possibly audiobooks while I knit.


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