“Deflated Christmas”

944D82C7-1A33-44C8-B715-E91F4B76458F.jpegIn our neighborhood we like outdoor Christmas decorations. These have followed different trends over the years. When we first moved here, the trend was for icicle streams of lights, lots of little lights that hung in strings off the gutters. We had left behind large glass bulbs in strings where if one went out the whole string went out. In my childhood this had produced gales of laughter as we exchanged bulbs one after another until we found the burnt out culprit.

Next the trend seemed to be some sort of bright light beam aimed at the house. This wasn’t very exciting and didn’t seem to catch on. The following year brought a host of deer made out of some kind of straw like material. The deer were posed in various ways and filled the front yards. However, they weren’t lit so they lacked appeal after dark.

Now came inflatable yard figures animated by a fan blowing to fill them. For some reason, presumably to save electricity, most of these are turned off in the day. This leaves the sight shown above. Here our neighbors have a Santa and a Grinch lying deflated on the ground. Since this is the trend for 2018, our area is littered with these forlorn decorations.

Tonight I will try to take a photo of an inflated display. Until then…

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