“Full of Hot Air”


The decorations across the street were still deflated when I went to take pictures of them, so I went down the street to this display. Both of these scenes are in the same front yard. I am not sure what the figure in the background represents, but the bear and Santa in his hot air balloon are pretty obvious. They also have lighted boxes, lit stockings and the last set of those icicle lights around. This yard used to be populated with those straw reindeer, but they must not have survived last winter’s series of blizzards.

If you joined by blog since last Christmas, you may not have seen our display. I repeat it below:



We keep these large displays in the downstairs bath tub( providing startled reactions from visitors who don’t expect them!) The angel was in several pieces and my husband nearly gave up reassembling her this year. But a night’s sleep gave him an idea of a sturdy repair, and she is back in the front yard. The blue lights on the mountain laurel in the background are very luminous and can be seen two blocks away. They are my grandchildren’s favorites.

Now I am off to wrap presents for the church drive. Each year we take gift tags with specific requests from people in homeless shelters or transitional housing home to fulfill. My grandkids picked out the gifts on Saturday, including toy trucks for a nine year old and a comforter for a 72 year old. It’s gratifying to have a concrete way to give to others.

13 thoughts on ““Full of Hot Air”

  1. Nice displays! Mostly my neighbourhood doesn’t celebrate Christmas so I don’t see a whole lot of decorations here – only one window in one apartment building nearby has some lights. Other parts of town have more, though. In one neighbourhood they do quite a bit more. Inglewood Drive turns to Kringlewood Drive with giant Santas lining it (https://www.blogto.com/city/2018/12/kringlewood-giant-santas-toronto/)

    Angels in the bathtub? That’s a first for me. Up to now I’ve only seen Madonnas in the bathtub ;-).


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