“Allergic to Advice”


Food allergies are serious business. Some of them can actually kill. One of our favorite pastors died from eating something with peanuts in it which produced anaphylactic shock. My daughter’ father had a frightening reaction to fried rice which had some shrimp mixed in and I had to take him to the hospital for treatment. My daughter had hives break out from a tiny bit of shrimp, so we know she inherited the allergy.

But the medical community came up with advice for new parents about twenty years ago, cautioning them to delay introducing foods which commonly caused allergic reactions including peanuts and eggs. They maintained that waiting would reduce allergic reactions in children.

Today the pediatric community took back their advice. It turns out that postponing introducing these foods actually INCREASED the number of peanut allergies in children rather than decreasing them. Apparently having a variety of foods after four months actually gets babies’ digestive systems used to them instead of producing an allergic reaction.

At the same time doctors are telling us that all our cleaning and sanitizing has made things worse for people. Dirt actually helps kids get immunity to germs rather than giving them germs. Even the five second rule(if it is on the floor less than five seconds you can eat it)turns out to be true.

I have learned to take most food advice with more than a grain of salt(including watching my salt!) Has anyone else found advice contradicting earlier advice?

35 thoughts on ““Allergic to Advice”

  1. hell yes; in the 70s it was all polyunsaturated fats = good and saturated fats = bad and getting off fats and hey, lets ignore sugar and now we have a Type 2 diabetes epidemic and fats are back in fashion. And there’s the cut out dairy and introduce dairy. It’s baloney, most of it when taken to excess. If it’s a foodstuff we’ve had for hundreds of years and take it in a mixed diet in moderation then its ok. No one is stopping me drinking coffee or eating chocolate anyway… (though I did give up booze 30 years ago because i didn’t like it!)


  2. I’m with the research that showed that kids who grow up with pets are healthier. My eldest daughter once (as an adult) declined to eat something she picked up off the floor, so I told her about the things she used to put in her mouth as a toddler in the garden. Fortunately, she has learned wisdom before producing children of her own, and the twins are growing up with Mr Bones, the dog in close attendance.


  3. I take health related headlines with a grain of salt especially as they always overstate for dramatic effect, whatever is actually said in the article. Case in point being the latest headline to limit the consumption of eggs (again.) I will continue to eat and enjoy as many of them as I want believing them to be one of the most nutritious (and delicious) foods around (exception being to those who are allergic to them.)


  4. medical advice is always changing and I have found that what works for some people does not work for others………..it a long hard road but you have to figure it our for yourself. great post, thank you!


  5. Pick a food, any food.

    Eggs were bad now they are OK (in moderation)

    Wine was bad but a glass is OK now.

    Coffee was bad now good.

    Soy was bad now some say OK

    Bread with a lot of gluten was good now it is said to cause everything from crones disease to bipolar

    I wonder if the next generation will be smoking unfiltered Camels as a health tonic. Doubt it


  6. My son is allergic to seafood too especially shrimp. One time, I bought peanuts in a big sachet, I got allergic to it. Still, I eat peanuts,the fresh ones which are freshly boiled.


  7. Our 10year old boy is allergic to Almonds. It’s scary. Growing up even in the 90s, I have never had to deal with any allergies. Our kids on the other hand are a different case even though we are very unconventional parents.
    When it comes to ultra sanitizing spaces, I strongly believe it’s a good thing to let our kids have a little dirt. Infact, once a month we give our kids a drink of food grade clay to drink.
    After going through cancer, I now know that I have to be my own doctor first. We are made “lab rats” in so many ways when it comes to medicine. Thank you for sharing Ms. Elizabeth.


  8. I really wasn’t aware of food allergies and sensitivities until I developed them as an adult. Steep learning curve on that one! What I learned is that you can become allergic/sensitive to anything that is in your environment.: – (


      1. I have developed environmental allergies to more things than I knew a person could. Not only scents, preservatives and foods, but I have problems with artificial lights and running vehicles. I had no idea such things could happen.


        1. A combination of Celiac Disease and Candidea which can lead to leaky gut disease. That and a boat load of exposure to poisons such as benzene. : – (


  9. I cannot recall a single case of serious food allergy until I was in my 30s. When I was an EMT, peanut allergy suddenly became ‘all the rage’. We had no idea where this had come from, and I still don’t. I suspect it is a ‘modern disease’, and may have roots in chemicals used widely in foodstuffs. Luckily, I appear to not be allergic to any food at all.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. Most of the current sensitivities and allergies must come from something recent. I think we are exposed to so many man made things that it will be difficult to figure out where the cause lies.

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  10. That’s why I believe kids should be raised with pets. They’ll get all the germs they need to be acquainted with there. 😆 As far as I know I have no allergies. I do, however, become nauseous from eating certain fruits and every year that list gets longer.


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