“Two Days Away”

My good friend and I spent two nights in Newport, Rhode Island at the Yankee Peddler Inn. While we both enjoy bed and breakfast places, it is difficult to find one with two beds in a room. Mostly they cater to couples I guess. We were fortunate to find the lovely room pictured above. A strong wind blowing Saturday allowed me to catch a shot of the surf rolling into the local beach. In the background you can see the cliffs, home to the Cliff Walk, a nearly three mile mostly paved path around the cliffs.

Newport is as old as Boston and is filled with colonial houses and cobbled streets and sidewalks. Eminently walkable, the town let us park the car and get everywhere on foot. I craved fish, so I had baked cod for one main meal and cod fish and chips for the other. The Inn had an expansive breakfast set up complete with fruit, eggs, assorted baked goods, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, tea and juice. Well fortified with breakfast and the main meal, we had cupcakes for dinner one night.

Newport became a summer destination for the very very wealthy of the Gilded Age in New York and is full of enormous mansions looking over the sea. These now are open for tourists to ooh and aah over. We toured Rosecliff a few years ago where they filmed The Great Gatsby. We both enjoyed the servants’ quarters more than any other part of the too too over the top place. After that we had no desire to see another mansion.  I imagine in the future people will tour Mar-A-Lago in the same way!

Tomorrow we’re off to see Plymouth, Massachusetts where there is a recreated Puritan village and a recreated Native settlement. I will try to get some photos of it too.

10 thoughts on ““Two Days Away”

  1. It’s twin, in Wales lacks a lot of the charm of this in truth. I known what you mean about servants quarters. They are often on a more human scale aren’t they


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