“Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”


Yikes. I had no idea how far behind I could get with my blog, my blog comments and my reading of friends’ blogs in just a week. I had a great time for a week of visiting with a dear friend, traveling around New England with her, eating, resting, talking and praying. Now that I am back at the computer, I find that not only do I have a lot to write about from our trips but also a lot to read. So today I am just catching up with comments and commenting on blog posts. If you see a lot of comments from me all at once, that is why.

Tomorrow I go back to 1627 in Plymouth, Massachusetts and ask the all important question “what does Plymouth Rock actually look like?”

12 thoughts on ““Getting Back Into the Swing of Things”

  1. I may need to switch off some email notifications… I’m off to New Zealand in ten days. I dread to think what my inbox will look like when I get into it again!


  2. I only had two days away, and it took me that long to catch up when I got back. So I know what you mean. Looking forward to Plymouth Rock. 🙂
    (I have been to Plymouth many times, but not the one in America. )
    Best wishes, Pete.


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