“The Rock!”


Plymouth Rock supposedly marks the spot where the first Pilgrim set foot on land in 1620. Apparently this is not mentioned anywhere in the official records of the Colony, but that hasn’t stopped every American child of my era being taught about it. Of course I needed to see it and, hopefully, set foot on it myself. This massive structure, built over the rock, announces its importance.


What? The Pilgrims not only stood on this rock but they also carved 1620 into it? And how did their footprints last so long anyway? The original alleged Rock was chipped away, painted and basically destroyed. This rock, supposed to be what was left of it, was marked with the date 1620 in the late 1800’s. I have no idea who thought this was a good idea. The National Park rangers get tired of answering the same question over and over: “How did the Pilgrims make such neat numbers?”

Oh well. Maybe I can find the remnant of the cherry tree George Washington cut down!

17 thoughts on ““The Rock!”

  1. Very funny , we were there very exciting although not as exciting as the whale watch trip in 8′ waves and 29 mile hour winds B


  2. I spent some time in the area having done some work at the nearby that nuclear power plant. I noticed the common response from people who would get off tour busses. “I came all this way to see, that?” And, “How do they know what is the rock?” I didn’t know the story about people chistling off pieces, nifty.


      1. Yes, where they filmed the movie ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ was in central Victoria but there are several “Hanging Rocks” in NSW too πŸ˜€
        Our biggest Rock is Uluru in the Northen Territory. A sight to behold!


        1. Yes, my late husband & I traveled out to see it just before he was diagnosed. It is breathtaking in both its size & beauty… something you really can’t describe as it is just so unique & unusual.


  3. after that it’s ‘hunt the original Trump wig’, believed to have joined the Sasquatch in a menage a orange and your history tour will be complete…


  4. This makes me smile. Over here, in Plymouth UK, there is a plaque which marks the place from where the Pilgrims ‘maybe’ set sail. Seems there’s a lot of vagueness on both sides of the ocean!


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