“Unexpected Generosity”


A favorite singer songwriter of mine, John Gorka,  has great lyrics “I’m from New Jersey, I don’t expect too much. If the world ended, I would adjust.” Though I am not from New Jersey, the rest definitely applies to me. Moments of generosity were sorely lacking in my upbringing. One such moment shown above is the love given me by my then sixteen year old Aunt Cary after I had been left with her and my grandparents for several months as a toddler.

So when I received two mentions from two different bloggers yesterday, I was totally delighted. I have been stunned by the generosity not only of those two, but also from the blogging community in general. This blog was my first foray into social media, after avoiding Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I had no idea what to expect when I began posting. I only knew the venomous comments that often appear on-line about news articles or editorials. Whether I have stumbled onto a particularly kind part of the blogging world, or whether it is kinder in general I don’t know. What I do know is that responses to my writing have been generous and thoughtful.

I have tried to reciprocate this generosity by taking the time to consider others’ writing and then to comment about it. I have also tried to respond to each comment I receive. This give and take keeps me keeps me generating new ideas to write about. I also want to repeat an offer I made some time ago to edit anyone’s writings that would like the help. I recently edited three research essays for a nurse in London for whom English is a second language. I learned a lot about critical care nursing along the way. I want to repeat that this is free of charge, just a way to use my skills from years of teaching.

So thanks to you all. Your reading makes my writing very rewarding.


16 thoughts on ““Unexpected Generosity”

  1. I do like to think that this is a particularly kind part of the blogging world. 🙂
    It’s nice to hear what you do for others, and confirms why you got two mentions.
    And no doubt more in the future.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. My name is Coy. I’m the founder of Alien Resort. Our writer’s name is Mr. Davis. When Mr. Davis first let me help with comments, a few people were reluctant to talk to me at first. But that didn’t last log and now I feel like I’m part of a really great world. Please visit us at Alien Resort when you have the chance.


  3. Two mentions in one day is certainly encouraging. Happy day! ☺ Very generous of you to offer your editing skills. I sometimes wish I’d studied grammar a little harder. I’m always looking up some rule or another on the internet.


  4. I’ve noticed you commenting on my posts, Elizabeth, and I’ve really appreciated it. The dialogue is an important part of blogging for me. I’ve always enjoyed your blogs though I don’t always comment. I shall try harder! Sometimes there are simply too many great blogs to read and not enough time to respond!


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