“Three Little Birds”


Woke up this morning, saw this robin’s nest under our upper deck and immediately began singing along with Bob Marley “Three Little Birds.” Its message is very clear. “Don’t worry about a thing, Cause every little thing is going to be all right.” I have always loved that old song, and was especially glad to be humming it as the head of my country went overseas and seems to have solved Brexit all by himself! Oh and his son-in-law has found a way for lasting peace for the Palestinians and the Israelis! And a tax on imports from Mexico will solve the humanitarian crisis at our Southern border! As you know, I have rarely commented on the political insanity of the United States, but the series of news items risked putting me over the edge.

Thank goodness the robins are oblivious and decided, for the first time, to nest in a spot I see as I walk out the back door. The nest to the right is empty, but the one on the left has three thriving and always hungry babies. They are watched over by a fierce robin, a phrase I would have called an oxymoron before witnessing this adult. The bird has even dive bombed my grandson who got too close to the nest trying to talk to the babies. So no matter how misguided my president is at the moment, one robin knows exactly how to take care of those under her. I wish my Commander in Chief knew as much!

20 thoughts on ““Three Little Birds”

  1. I also try to avoid the political but the current resident of the oval office doesn’t make it easy. My escape this morning was to enjoy my orange and yellow roses in bloom along with a bit of, ‘this too shall pass.”


  2. I’ve come to see myself as a card-carrying member of the “Exhausted Majority.” But I think we have to be able to speak out against some of the things this man is doing — as long as we avoid stooping to his level with the name-calling.


  3. The USA is not alone in its current political irrationality. I’m out of the UK at the moment and missing the present political fallout (not at all).
    Perhaps it’s something contagious that got trapped in the ozone layer last time it healed over…

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  4. Years ago, we found a nest in the middle of our Gardenia shrub. Four or three blue green eggs. They were hatched but eventually the mother bird brought them somewhere.


  5. Nature is very grounding, Elizabeth, there is so much to be concerned about at the moment that we need to engage with nature to get a sense of proportion from a personal point of view.


  6. How good to hear that he has solved Brexit for us! On a much more pleasant note, your robins are beautiful and have much to teach us. We have just watched a pair of great tits raise their brood on our balcony, giving us ringside seats, and we have swallows nesting under our decking. No babies yet but we’re hopeful.


  7. I agree I am happier when I don’t watch the nightly news. Sadly the bar continues to be lowered for presidential candidates . There is hope on the local level i have met with our new young democrat legislator Carrie Wood a moderate someone i can and will support. She is not all in with Planned Parenthood does not support late term abortion etc and is a fiscal conservative ,a breath of fresh air. Bruce


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  8. We have Pluvers in this country who are absolutely ferocious parents, they have their nests on the ground & dive bomb you if you are 10 metres too close to their nest or chicks!
    Bless you,


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