“Too Da** Hot”


Tomorrow through Sunday an “oppressive” heat wave will hit the entire Eastern United States. That includes us. They project temperatures exceeding 100 degrees F(37.7C) for a couple of days with excessive humidity. That makes the temperature feel more like 105 F(40.5C) akin to the heat that hit Europe earlier this summer. The arguments rage on about the cause of the changes in the climate, but we can agree that something unusual is going on. From record flooding on the Mississippi River to a dangerous lack of water in places like South Africa and India, we are all having to adjust to a new “normal.”

I don’t like change, and I especially don’t like an increase in very hot weather. While many of my fellow Connecticut residents flee the state in the winter for warmer climes, I am content with snow and ice. And best of all, for me, are fall and spring with their usually moderate temperatures.

I suspect that my dislike of very hot weather comes from a heat wave when I was eight. I had seven stitches on my right calf and had to keep that leg dry. Our family took refuge in a motel near Mt. Hood to get out of the worst of the heat. There my siblings splashed contentedly in the swimming pool. I, on the other hand, hopped around on my left foot in the wading pool, keeping my right leg out of the water. I grumbled nonstop, making sure everyone knew of my plight.

We have an window air conditioner in three different rooms, and I turn one on when I am in that room. At the moment I am cooled by the study air conditioner. It brings the air down a few degrees as I type, and I am grateful.

Stay cool out there!

28 thoughts on ““Too Da** Hot”

  1. We think it is unusually hot here, at 77 F, (daytime) and high humidity. Of course, we don’t have air conditioners, but we do have three large fans going constantly, including at night. I suppose it is all relative to what you know, depending on where you have been brought up.
    We are grateful to be so far away from London now. The city heat was oppressive at night.
    Best wishes, Pete.


      1. Beat me to it! I read your last post asking if I offer snippets of songs often – this would’ve been my answer.

        I’m just the opposite. Aside from the worry about our weather’s being related to a bigger climate change issue, I’m thrilled to have it be warm. It was 34C (93F) on Friday when I biked the 16 miles home from work. Breathing in the hot air, sweating (and drinking) like crazy, I felt alive in a way I most definitely do NOT when the temperature approaches and eventually drops below freezing.

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        1. I feel like it also has to do with what we do with the discomfort mentally speaking. I am hot and uncomfortable but I view it more positively than being cold. The cold just makes me want to go inside. It may be mental storytelling. Heat makes me think of leisure and happy summer days. Cold makes me feel dismal. No good associations there.

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        2. HA! There you go. I used to associate it with sledding followed by toast dipped in hot chocolate. But now that the latter is no longer as exciting for me my dislike for winter is finally explained!


  2. I don’t envy you! We’ve had rain here recently but it’s expected to warm up this weekend. I’ll never forget last summer in S.California when the temperature reached 115 degrees and was unbearable! The short treks between air conditioned car and air conditioned buildings was like being in an oven.

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  3. We just finished a week of heat, here in Alabama. Last week saw peaks of 109F heat index.
    20 years ago, I remember my partner and I, passing the bank and noticing the actual heat at 101. We were on police motorcycles, wearing dark blue polyester uniforms. We kept moving to keep the hot air cooling us somewhat. On the third time we passed the bank billboard, it read 104F. We decided to go to a restaurant and wait for calls to come in, rather trying to ride in that heat.
    We laugh down here, we have 12 seasons.

    ALABAMA’S 12 Seasons:

    Fool’s Spring
    Second Winter
    Spring of Deception
    Third Winter
    The Pollening (It’s a southern term)
    Actual Spring
    Summer (Where we are now)
    Hell’s Front Porch
    False Fall
    Second Summer
    Actual Fall.

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  4. We are experiencing record freezing icy blasts from the Antarctic at the moment! This morning was an icy 5°C but felt like 0°C with the wind chill factor! Brrr!
    Our past Summer was full of very high temps especially for the east coast with several days over 40°+C… Yes our world’s weather is definitely changing Elizabeth!
    Bless you,


  5. We have our first rain of this month today. Just the once day before the sunshine returns. I shudder to think of your temperatures and that humidity. Stay cool!


  6. We are having an unusually cold snap, Elizabeth. It is only 15 degrees Celsius as the day time high. That is like the Arctic for us as we usually have weather in the mid-twenty degrees Celsius in the winter during the day.

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