“A Walking Jukebox”


A few days ago my grandson casually commented that I had a song for every occasion. I had never realized this myself, but have now become quite conscious of how accurate he was. Song links come automatically for me when I say or hear something seemingly unrelated but completely apropos. For example, yesterday when I was talking about a belief I was abandoning I quipped, “and another one bites the dust.”(Song by Queen.) When I wrote about the heat I was humming “It’s too darn hot”(Kiss Me Kate.)When I do make a mistake I am likely to state “blame it on the Bossa Nova”(Eydie Gorme). As I commented a few weeks ago, someone not of my generation would certainly be baffled by that remark.

I don’t do this on purpose, and when I was trying to think of examples for this post, I couldn’t come up with many. Instead whatever part of my mind stores  all these lyrics awakens any time it thinks it can get a clip in edgewise. And it does. Sometimes I sing it, sometimes I just repeat the segment. But he is right. I do it all the time.

Just curious. Do any of you throw out snippets of songs at odd times?

23 thoughts on ““A Walking Jukebox”

  1. i find myself humming a lot (although mostly the same variations on whatever ear-worm has grabbed me today – often a well-worn hymn from school assemblies). I remember thinking how odd my gran was when she went around the house humming to herself…


  2. Reminders of old songs pop up in my mind all the time, as readers of my blog know from clips included in many of my posts….and by “old songs,” I mean really old (like me). And by “like me,” I mean part of the “They don’t make ’em like that anymore” generation!


  3. My theory is that we were brought up listening to the radio. They tended to play the same songs a lot, and we learned them off by heart, even if we were not fans of the singer. So yes, I also relate remarks to song lyrics, and so does my wife, and she is ten years younger.
    Younger people now get to pick and choose their favourites, on Internet playlists, Spotify, I-Tunes, etc. So they know the songs of the singers they like, and never have to hear any old songs, or genres they don’t enjoy.
    I often use lines like ‘Beyond the sea’, to do with waiting, or ‘The boys are back in town’ if my friends are visiting. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of song lines I use. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Haha, I agree, the brain seems to have limitless capacity for remembering songs and song lyrics.

    I am currently working, humming to ‘Phantom of the Opera’, courtesy of my daughter singing it non-stop for the past few days.


  5. Funny coincidence – I am just reading a book called “The Songs of Us”. In it, the main character bursts into song in stressful situations, and the songs always have a link to the situation. At the beginning of the novel, her “condition” is attributed to a fall on the ice that somehow affected her brain in this strange way. I’m not finished the novel yet but already know there’s a twist.


  6. I just saw an interview on TV where Harrison Schmitt has the same “affliction” of bursting into songs related to a situation. That was how he ended up “strolling in the park one day”. Looks like you are in good company!


  7. I also have snippets of songs that I allocate to certain events, Elizabeth, and I do it a lot with books. I will often quote a line from a book or say someone is like “the little brown mouse” [The Gruffalo] or like Mr Bumble.


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