“Lured By Broccoli“


Something had been eating my sunflowers at about one foot off the ground. They stood as a row of bare stalks, reminiscent of a few years ago when my cosmos had suffered a similar fate. Then, as now, it appeared to be the work of a woodchuck, munching happily along. At that time we bought a Have-a-Heart trap but succeeded in only catching a skunk. The neighbor’s dog caught and dispatched the woodchuck before he was trapped.

Yesterday when driving into the driveway I spotted a fat brown animal waddling quickly away into the raspberry patch. It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn’t a fat squirrel but a woodchuck. Out came the Have-a-Heart trap, this time baited with broccoli which You Tube assured us was a go-to food for woodchucks. After all, I couldn’t bait the trap with sunflowers.

This afternoon, in the scorching heat, my husband found the fat, happy woodchuck lying contentedly on his back in the trap, the broccoli eaten. To release him near the house was to guarantee his return. Instead my husband decided to take him across the river, hoping he wouldn’t swim back, and release him in the meadow there. In the above picture the brown fat blob is the woodchuck running at record speed away from the Have-a-Heart trap.

The only question remaining is “do woodchucks swim?”

38 thoughts on ““Lured By Broccoli“

  1. At least it is a different question to ponder other than how much wood could he chuck. (I hope the answer to the swimming question is “no”.)

    Around here, woodchucks are known as groundhogs (or “water bags” to my dad). I know you are interested in regional words!


  2. I decided to look up the answer to your question. Woodchucks do have the ability to swim. Who would have known?


  3. It’s annoying that it ate your sunflowers. But I have to say it does look cute! 🙂
    We don’t have those in England, and I suspect Ollie would chase it off if we did.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Ha, great story Elizabeth! I don’t know if wood chucks swim, but they’re supposedly known for chucking wood, lol!


  5. I didn’t know what a woodchuck was, I had to look it up! We don’t have them here in Australia.
    But our large Brush tail possums eat the fruit from our fruit trees & veggies from the veggie patch! So we have built cages over the veggie patch & our miniature fruit bushes!


        1. Oh that’s difficult, rabbits do that here. We put wire mesh down under the veggie patches & have raised garden beds to grow the veggies in with a mesh fence around the patch. Hubby also put mesh on the top, as our huge variety of birds love eating our strawberries, nectarines, tomatoes, blueberries. 😉
          They can’t get through 😀


        2. My husband has our blueberries in a gigantic netting and wooden construction. Takes up half the backyard, but his crop tripled after he built it around the 18 bushes.

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      1. We have 5 date palms out the front & they get absolutely loaded with fruit, the brushtails love it, we don’t eat this variety of date so they’re welcome to them 😀
        The Flying foxes love them too, so often we hear major spats!


        1. Unfortunately they can’t be tamed. They can be very protective of their young & territory. But they sleep during the day & only come out at night. They’re quite shy too.


  6. I’m pretty sure I recall someone in my family getting rid of a woodchuck some 20 years ago – caught gorging in their vegetable garden – in a less kind way than you and your husband. It wasn’t me. That’s all I’m going to say.


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