“The Street Where We Live”


One of my favorite songs from My Fair Lady extols the virtue of the “street where you live.” While I don’t have Freddie outside serenading Eliza, I do live on a street that I love. I thought I would post a picture of the three houses to our east with our white house in the foreground. Here you can see the sidewalks I insisted on having when we bought our house. You can see many more salvaged bricks between our lawn(carefully hand weeded by my husband to protect the birds) and the sidewalk. On the left is the street that connects us to the main road at the far end of the picture. Because of its location, our street is plowed every 30 minutes or so during winter. Our wires are all overhead, including electric, cable and phone. The lopsided tree in the distance was pruned to avoid the power lines in case of a limb toppling storm.

We know all the people in these houses, despite dire warnings that Americans don’t know their neighbors. One is an electrician, another a motor vehicle department worker, another a widow of a projectionist. We look out for one another, especially making sure that the widow is safe, taking turns plowing her walk and driveway in the winter. My husband knows many more of our more distant neighbors  from the time he spends hand weeding the front yard.(“Why don’t you just use weed killer?” a frequent question.)

At the end of the street to the top of photo there is an intersection with a small group of shops: a convenience store, a barber shop, a liquor store and a Chinese take out. Just a few more minutes away one can walk to a dollar store, a bakery, a nail salon, and a pizza parlor. And with a few more minutes walk(maybe 10 minutes in all) you arrive at a large grocery store, a drug store, a Home Depot, a pet store, a craft store, a party store, a clothing store and several fast food restaurants. I wanted to live in a house that was walking distance to whatever we might need, and ours suits my demand. The location also works for many of our neighbors without cars who frequently walk by our home on the way to the shops.

Upscale? Not at all. Exciting? Rarely. A perfect place to live.


35 thoughts on ““The Street Where We Live”

  1. “Exciting” is overrated when it comes to places to live. The Chinese curse “May you live in exciting times” reminds us that peace, tranquillity and community are much more life enhancing.


  2. Other than the proximity to the shops, and evidence of wood in the buildings, we do not live in such dissimilar circumstances.
    I know lots of neigbours, though we do not need snow ploughs, or ever weed by hand. Your local shops are a real bonus, and one which I wish we had. But we chose peace and quiet over convenience.
    If I live long enough I am sure to regret that. 🙂

    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. What a lovely street! When we lived in Queens, I walked everywhere and had access to many shops. We live ten miles out of town now, but we have wonderful neighbors. Thanks for showing us your street and writing about it.


  4. One of the most underappreciated aspects of homeownership is to live in a nice neighborhood. One gets an excellent feeling of that from your photo.

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    1. We were surprised by how flat everything is here. The river plain is very wide on both sides, unlike some other river sides. In Portland we lived on a hill with a steep slope to our west and much less sunshine.

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  5. It looks an ideal place to live for all the reasons you give. We are much more rural with only a very small and widely spaced community around us. I relish the peace and quiet and living close to nature but there are drawbacks of course, in the lack of nearby amenities. It works well for us – for the present. Perhaps, as we get older the time will come to move again.


  6. What a lovely post Elizabeth! Such a neat & tidy Street & neighborhood. 😀
    We have a few newer neighbors now as older ones have moved on. But we do know their names & say hi when we see them.
    Hubby used to help the older ones often but the newer ones seem to want to keep to themselves which we respect.
    Bless you,


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