“Return of the Woodchuck”


The photo on the left is our Hav-a-Heart trapped baited with broccoli, the image on the left a fat woodchuck in Massachusetts. I am hopeful that the fat brown rear end of a woodchuck we saw scurrying across our driveway on Sunday night didn’t move down here from Massachusetts. I also hope that the creature didn’t successfully swim over from the meadows across the Connecticut River where we relocated one a while back. I suspect, rather, that this is a literate woodchuck who, reading my most recent posts, realized the eatings were good in our yard and has moved in.

Because the previous animal ate all of my sunflowers, my husband bought two potted sunflowers and transplanted them in the empty spot in the garden. Figuring that the word had gotten out to the local woodchucks that there were new sunflowers to eat, the trap is sitting next to the new sunflowers. We should soon learn if sunflowers or broccoli appeal more to this new invader.

I have been surprised by the variety of wild animals in our neighborhood, including skunks, possums, deer, foxes, rabbits and, or course, woodchucks. Almost no new development has occurred here, so the neighboring woods and wetlands have stayed pretty intact for many years, allowing the animals to successfully survive.  Birds abound here too, with eagles nesting along the river and many smaller birds nesting in the trees. This year woodpeckers have been particularly abundant with more young ones  surviving than I have seen in the past. On balance the joys of living among all these creatures almost compensates for the ravenous woodchuck. Almost!


34 thoughts on ““Return of the Woodchuck”

  1. That woodchuck looks very much like the marmot I saw munching on wildflowers at Paradise this week. I never realized they are in the same family. And I agree with you that it’s wonderful to have lots of wildlife around. Sorry they like to eat your flowers though! 🙂


    1. Correction: skip the third line of my woodchuck poem above. The poem should appear like this:

      How much bait
      could a woodchuck hate
      if a woodchuck could hate bait?

      Sorry about that.


  2. Oh no Elizabeth! We recently had a Tawny Frogmouth fall out of our Jacaranda tree, hubby took him to the vet as he seemed very sick. They had to euthanize it as it had neurological problems bought on by a disease 😦
    Bless you,


  3. Thinking back to your recent neighbourhood post, your environment sounds better and better in many respects but I do share the difficulties of balancing the joy of wildlife against the damage it can inflict on our gardens. We have deer which nibble off rose buds to eat. They also bite of the buds of day lilies but clearly dislike the taste so leave them lying about the plants. That’s deeping annoying! And your woodchuck is very cute!


  4. You will just have to factor in a proportion of your plant growth for the woodchucks. Then you will both be happy. I try and do this when I fill the incubator wyth eggs in spring – some for us and a few for the goshawk.


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