“Going Dingy!”

Time was that the sounds I heard were pretty predictable. All telephones sounded the same, no matter where they were. The ring was so recognizable that I knew immediately it was the telephone and had the chance to yell “answer the phone.” My alarm clock clanged with an annoying noise that guaranteed I would get up, if only to stop the noise. The door bells I encountered either went “ding dong” or in fancier houses played a set chime melody. The timer we used simply went “ding” when the baking was over. In elementary school there were no bells, only a very intrusive fire alarm sounding once in a while for drills. Car horns all had a similar “honk,” varied only by how long one “lay on the horn.”

But now I am surrounded by a cacophony of noises from my own and other people’s devices. Tomorrow I will introduce you to some of them.

37 thoughts on ““Going Dingy!”

  1. I liked the predictable sounds. My husband’s phone makes the most horrible noise when he gets a call. He doesn’t miss the calls, but I always almost jump out my seat.


  2. I think most people like familiarity in their lives, and familiar sounds seem no different.

    Off the topic—Perhaps this is just one of those WordPress mysteries, but I can’t like others’ comments on your posts, Elizabeth. (There is no “like” button.) There are a couple of other blogs I follow that are that way, but I do receive notifications when someone else has liked one of my comments on your blog. What am I missing?


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