“Dressing For Zoom Success”


My husband told me this morning that because of the proliferation of Zoom meetings sales of dress shirts were soaring without the usual accompanying purchase of trousers. He said this as he came upstairs to change his t-shirt into a button down dress shirt in time for his Zoom call. He left his Levis on. (As in he didn’t change them, not as if he might have gone without!)

I reflected on this phenomenon of what to wear when I was participating in my church’s Tuesday night Zoom Vespers service. The Friars, of course, could just don their usual brown robes with a rope waist tie. But we are not used to seeing people at home when we are at church. (As if that wasn’t self evident!) So I decided to change the shirt with remnants of lunch down the front in case my super Mac camera might share that stain with my parish. I remembered to brush my hair. Individual decisions about “dressing for church” were evident. One usually well groomed female singer sported a v-neck men’s white t-shirt. Another usually well groomed reader was just as polished as on any given Sunday.

Then there is the unintended Zoom photo bomb. At one point what looked like the rear end of a parishioner turned out to be a very, very close up of two of her fingers. Whew! Jennie had mentioned that Zoom was encountering some hacking, and I was relieved that this wasn’t an instance of that.

Since none of us are broadcasting from studios, few of us paid any attention to the decor behind us as we were Zoomed. My picture featured a brown recycling bag on the desk to my rear. Others never seemed to get the hang of things and kept showing their ceilings!

And, by the way. Does anyone else think that gallery view on Zoom is reminiscent of the old game show Hollywood Squares?

30 thoughts on ““Dressing For Zoom Success”

  1. This made me laugh! I am starting to get used to connecting virtually though I have only used Webex so far, not Zoom. And I do pay attention to what I’m wearing and make sure I comb my hair before connecting. I have also taken comfort in the fact that almost nobody looks good in these apps, so we are in good company! 🙂


  2. John will have to use Zoom tomorrow for the first time. I will try to help him until he is where he ought to be. I’m glad you mentioned the background. I’ll be aware of that before we get started.


  3. ‘Modern Life’ considerations. No doubt people are tidying ‘lived-in’ houses, and perhaps even redecorating for this new audience. Check out Ron’s blog today, he was video-called by a nurse when wearing his underpants! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. we’re having daily team meetings via Zoom – I am careful as it’s 9am and I am often still in my super comfy lounging pants – which some might call PJs! but yeah, that neck angle is NOT flattering.


  5. I don’t know if you saw the one of the Brady Bunch that’s been making the rounds. It is supposed to represent a Zoom meeting. Hollywood Squares also fits that 3 x 3 model.


      1. Variable success – mostly depending on the equipment of the person joining – but I’ve sent out the notes and a couple who couldn’t make it or dropped off the internet this time will try next month. (I think one or two were just happy to talk to someone.)
        People warmed up as we went on; it was very informal and the next best thing to sitting around a table having a chat. And we got to see Val’s ENORMOUS puppy when he came to see who she was talking to.


  6. This made me laugh – especially the near-photo bomb! Zoom does have its challenges but I use it for a weekly check-in with friends on the weekend and we all look forward to it.


  7. This was so funny! I know exactly what you mean. I’ll be dusting and straightening the house today in preparation for our Zoom tomorrow morning. Let’s hope the password keeps out any Bombers.


  8. I couldn’t stop laughing as I read your post 🙂 Just today we read in newspapers about Zoom being hacked. Todd Tyrtle, four others and myself had a book club meeting on Sunday through Zoom. A nice experience.


    1. I gave money to Todd’s charity because I can’t wait to see him cook something from a random basket. His video of his 30 pushups was really funny. Glad I gave you a few laughs too. We all need them.

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