“Pent Up Demand”


My mother spoke frequently about “pent up demand” which resulted from the war years’ scarcity of anything made of metal since it was being used for the military. I always imagined a line of moms waiting in line outside Sears, Roebuck to rush in and buy toasters. I guess in reality the pent up demand went far beyond toasters to include automobiles and houses. And then there is the resulting Baby Boom generation showing us that there was biological pent up demand!

So as the United States remains in virtual lock down, except for some individual states who still think they are exempt.(The governor of the state of Georgia, for instance, just realized TODAY that asymptomatic people can transit the coronavirus!) I have been contemplating what pent up demand will be revealed once this is over. (1% of my functioning brain believes that it will some day be over.)

I have decided that the rush will be to get first in line at the beauty salon and the barber shop. Already people who were due for a haircut at the beginning of the lock down(that would include me) are sporting “interesting” looks. My husband who gets his hair basically buzz cut every couple of weeks is now contemplating taking the dog clippers to himself. And while I have rarely wanted my nails done, now that they can’t be I am longing for a manicure.

What is the first thing you are going to rush out and do? Library? Bookstore? Favorite restaurant? Church? (I am only too aware that many are truly suffering. I am purposely trying to keep my writing light, but that in no way means I am cavalier about reality.)


28 thoughts on ““Pent Up Demand”

    1. Yes!! I do hope so, people look so much better naturally than with all that fake stuff.

      Instead of consuming more, I look forward to making more of an effort to see family and friends in the future.

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  1. Oh, you hit a nerve. My haircut is due Monday, and I had to cancel. Well, I was really tempted to wear a mask and go. Of course I could not. I’m posting two videos a day, so hopefully I won’t look like Cave Woman by the time this is over. A haircut will be my #1, followed by the library.


  2. First thing will be to give my friends hugs, then get my wild, birds-nest Afro hair a cut….”people who were due for a haircut at the beginning of the lock down(that would include me) are sporting “interesting” looks”

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  3. I don’t have enough hair to need a barber, and have cut my own with clippers for a long time now. Your husband could buy some Wahl clippers, and do his own buzz-cut. Unless he likes the sociability of the barber of course. https://www.wahl.co.uk/product/cord-cordless-hair-clipper-2/
    As for ‘after’ (if there is an after) I am looking forward to eating out in a restaurant. Something like Thai food, which I don’t cook at home.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. My husband is the ultimate procrastinator and never did get around to that haircut before all the barbers in town closed. I have the dog shears all ready and waiting for when he stops making like Samson.
    When it’s all over? I’ll probably be touring the charity shops. (New Zealand calls them op shops – not sure what you call them in the US; are they the same as thrift shops?)

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  5. In addition: Dentist, optician and all the other medical stuff that is now on hold.

    But will it ever be over? Well yes – but there is the predicted resurgence kust when we start to think we are over the worst and we let down our guard.

    Not being a downer here. And yes it will be wonderful to see people being people again.


  6. Reverse psychology comes into play here Elizabeth, when we are told we can’t do something that’s exactly when we want to do it! 😉

    Hubby & I like our country/seaside drives, stopping in a scenic place for a picnic, so that’s the first thing we’ll being doing again 😀
    Bless you,


      1. Only to get essential items & for medical appointments otherwise a $1,000. Fine!

        We are allowed to go for a walk for exerc6ise together (2) around our neighborhood but can’t stop & sit to look at the water & must adhere to social distancing when we pass others…we do walk by the water behind us which I’m grateful for & feel blessed by…
        It’s very necessary, so small sacrifices for the greater good is working 🙂


  7. I’m going to continue to contemplate this question. Thank you!🙏🏾 But for now the thing that I see myself rushing out to do is walking two blocks east of my apartment building and underneath Lake Shore Drive to get to Lake Michigan. Being able to walk along Lake Michigan for miles has been one of my joys and therapies for about 10 years. When Chicago residents were notified on March 26 that lakefront parks, beaches, and trails would be closed until further notice I was crestfallen.


    1. My grandparents lived on Lake Shore Drive in the 1960’s in the Old Peoples’ Home. I can now imagine you walking that long path. Did they think it was impossible to have people space themselves out?

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