“What Pandemic?”


A lot of people are tired of being told to stay home. A lot of people are longing to get haircuts. A few people apparently are longing to get tattoos and go bowling. How else to explain the governor of Georgia opening beauty salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys? Georgia continues to have a rise in cases of covid-19. If you are anywhere other than the state of Georgia(or one of the doubtful citizens within Georgia) you might wonder what is going on. Grievously enough, politics is winning over science.

In some ways, this is not surprising since we have had a number of movements to discount science in the United States in recent years. Climate change is a hoax. Vaccinations cause illness. And so on. But the virus is not a hoax. It was not concocted by (take your choice) Bill Gates, the Deep State, WHO, or George Soros. It is very real, there is no cure for it, and people are dying at an astonishing rate in the United States.

I am grateful once again that I live in a part of the United States still committed to finding a way forward that honors both health and the economy. Quickly opening work places, restaurants, movie theaters, beaches and shopping malls without knowing who carries and spreads the illness will have one effect. It will kill people. And in case some governors don’t seem to grasp the obvious: the economy needs healthy people in order to thrive.

42 thoughts on ““What Pandemic?”

  1. t’s amazing how people will continue to believe what they want to believe in the face of experience. (Perhaps it has to be their own experience and not someone else’s before it gets through. No hope for education then.)

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  2. Yes, we are all tired of staying at home, but that’s not a good reason to lift restrictions. I am also fortunate to live in the Seattle area where the politicians have let the scientists take the lead on what should be done. I believe we’re successfully flattening the curve here and things might ease up. But easing up won’t mean a quick return to normal.

    Those who push to open prematurely will be the first to bear the repercussions, and thus become an example to the rest of us. It will be interesting to watch it play out, I only hope too many lives aren’t lost in the process.

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  3. Opening up the economy depends on two things. Workers to supply it, and consumers to drive it.
    If the virus not only stays as it is, but increases with a vengeance, then there will be fewer workers, and potentially no consumers.
    Putting profit before lives is therefore evidentially counter-productive.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. This whole situation is completely surreal. I did a grocery store run and I was THRILLED to find all the employees in masks and about 75% of the customers. But bowling……..not sure this is a necessity! 🙂

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      1. we did. the only things that had a quanity restriction was toilet paper and facial tissues. it looked as if they had a little bit of everything but there were some empty shelves. i have to admit that when my daughter and i went to the store we worked very hard to get in and out because of my autoimmune issues…….so, I did not see all of the store.


  5. We’ve done so well in California, considering the number of people and big cities. I am saddened to see that so many people tossed in the towel this past weekend. People flocked to the beach. We’re in much better shape because we haven’t done this in the past several weeks.

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      1. The Atlanta and Savannah mayors have been furious about how Kemp handled this. Those are the two major cities and both mayors are women. Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do.

        Meanwhile, urban Georgians are out and about like they didn’t go to good schools and now have zero sense. Can’t win with these people. I’m still under lockdown at home.


        1. I am interested in how the racial difference between the big cities and the rest of the state are playing out. Is it that Kemp doesn’t care or is it a combination of Kemp’s disregard and people not taking the thing seriously? Or what?


        2. I don’t think Kemp thinks that far into anything. He’s like his master. He does what sounds or feels good at the time and handles the logistics later.


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