“Aretha Asked It First!


I thought I would introduce a little merriment into a post. I was humming an old Aretha Franklin song the other day and I realized she was asking “who’s zooming who?” If you want to hear the whole song you can https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Gi6yGuvKv_E. I claim no responsibility for any ad that youtube plays first. I just had to click through an ad for a conspiracy newspaper!

Zoom has a long and checkered meaning, long before it was applied to that application now being used for office meetings, religious services, and book clubs. In this case it just suggests who is checking who out–you or me? In a way this also applies to the present incarnation of Zoom. How often do you find yourself checking out the books behind the speaker, the pets wandering in and out, the 80’s decor? But as Aretha points out “who’s zooming who?” I wonder what everyone in church is learning about me!

21 thoughts on ““Aretha Asked It First!

  1. I remember the song well, though I have never used Zoom (or Skype) to talk to anyone on camera. The virus lockdown is rapidly changing the way people communicate, and I am left wondering if such video calling will end up becoming the norm after all this.
    I have no doubt that if I used this to chat ‘live’ to bloggers, most would be surprised by my accent. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


    1. I am doing well. We have enough food, enough money, enough internet access, the ability to sit outside 6 feet from our grandchildren, lots to read and a good marriage. I feel blessed for sure.

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  2. Love the song! We just did a zoom call with one of our children and two of our grandchildren. It was a hoot watching the dogs in the background. Even funnier when they pushed their nose up toward the camera.


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