“March 90th”


I was on a Zoom conference call on Monday and when someone asked what day it was a friend answered “March 90th.” That sounded about right. At the beginning of March there were no cases of covid-19 in our community. Our little town of 50,000 has now had nearly 2000 cases and 800 deaths(most in a large nursing home here.) And it seems as though March has never ended and we are stuck in an eternal now, vastly different from our normal.

I had my first visit anywhere on Tuesday, to a imaging appointment at a doctor’s office. I can’t say that I was hoping my first foray into the world would be there! I am fine; the facility was very clean, all social distancing was in place, and we all wore masks. However, I met the radiologist for the first time and I had no idea what he really looked like until I came home and looked him up on the radiology website. I realized how much I count on seeing the full face of a new person! Neither of us would recognize each other at another appointment, that’s for sure.

I am just catching up with my friends’ posts after two days away for appointments. I came back to the message that WordPress is switching to the “new” editor. I have resisted for the past year and a half and hope I can still use the Classic Editor. I need to have at least one routine stay the same!



45 thoughts on ““March 90th”

  1. I’ve stuck with the classic editor too, but I guess we will have to switch. There is an option for the “classic” block which I guess will be similar? So much change — it will probably be good but like you I am feeling like some things just don’t need to change right now…


      1. My dentist sent out a message that he would avoid having patients in the waiting room. We are to check in and wait in our cars to be called straight into the dental chair.


  2. Like everyone else, I am dreading the block editor. I hate change at the best of times, so interfering with my main interest and hobby will set me into a downward spiral, I have no doubt. But I will stick with the old editor until the last second of the last day.
    Then I might have to just find a different hobby.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. It really feels strange when your first time out is with masked people. And, that feeling keeps lingering every time I have to go to the store. Someone in a mask was glad to see me, hollered my name and chatted for a bit. I knew those eyes and the sound of his voice, but I could not place who he was. Darn mask! I cannot cope with another new thing, like WP New Editor. Zoom is bad enough.


  4. I keep envisioning a police report, “Last seen wearing a mask.” A lot of good that does us these days.😎


  5. I’m with Pete……hanging on until the very last second!
    I looked at it a while ago but couldn’t get to grips with it, on my iPad and also on the PC. Adding photos also ‘resizing’ (large medium thumbnail) were a real problem.
    If I can’t get classic I might go back to my old blogspot blog with the same name…..although I’d rather not.


  6. March 90th.. yes so right.
    I transferred to the new editor as soon as i could so i could get used to it. It’s not as good but it’s not hard to navigate. But i believe you can stay with the classic. For now..


  7. There was an item on tv yesterday about how difficult lip-readers are now finding things with masks. Re new editors: so many web sites are going over to mobile-friendly designs with spaced out lines to help users of small touch screens, but it’s dreadful for computer users. It used to be easy to find transactions on my bank site because it looked like a printed statement, but now you see only about 6 transactions per page and if you want to look up, say, what someone charged or whether something has been received, it takes at least twice as long to find it. I use Blogger, and the new interface there is simiilar so I’m staying with classic.


  8. I’ve not seen the notification about WP Classic Editor being discontinued, so I don’t know if they are also planning to discontinue the classic Block.
    I started using blocks a while ago (while I still had the option to revert if it was all going wrong and I was in a hurry) so I’m used to it. But the Classic Block is identical to the Classic Edit. I have been known to produce a complete blog post within one Classic block.
    No doubt the Classic Block will be discontinued at some point, but it might be a change too far if they try to do it now.
    I’m also assuming the change won’t be retrospective, or I’ll have a lot of old posts that will need attention. I’d better seek out this notification I’ve missed (probably deleted the email as non-essential along with numerous others…).


  9. I’m glad your okay Elizabeth! Its sad to hear so many have died in your area from CoVid19 though.

    Yes, I had a try on the block editor last year & didn’t find it easy to use at all (maybe they have adjusted it)! I hope I can continue to use classic editor too!


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