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D5182F10-FCAE-4EB6-BE3A-3B836B3696F0This is a very painful time to be a citizen of my country. For those my age it is all too reminiscent of 1968, with the fires and demonstrations. Some people went the way of violence then too, although the majority of protests were peaceful. In fact one former friend joined the Weathermen, determined to use bombing as a tactic.

I was heartened this morning to read this statement from the police department of my Connecticut town. Not all police are vicious. Not all will stand by when one of their own acts out with murderous rage.

If you are a prayerful person, please pray for peace for the United States. If you are not, please think of those of us living through this perilous time.

21 thoughts on ““Worth Reading”

    1. I read from a police supervisor that he thinks 10% are exemplary, 80% are good and 10% shouldn’t be on the force. As he pointed out, 10% still means a lot of unfit officers out there.

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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I must say that it is also important to remember that riots do not belong to one race. Other races have perpetuated riots, burning and destroying lives and property, too. Do we only become concerned and alarmed when certain people engage in such behavior?

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    1. Absolutely, riots and violence are used by many. My friend the Weatherman and most of the demonstrators during the Chicago 1968 Democratic convention were white. And all sorts of people seem involved both in peace and in violence at the moment.

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  2. My son shared a post on Facebook this morning – a photo of someone (in a facemask) holding up a blackboard with the words…
    “Not all blacks are criminals; not all whites are racist; not all cops are bad. Ignorance comes in all colors.”
    I think that speaks for many of us.

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  3. The thing that I find so disturbing is that so many people look at this as a for or against them issue. I feel like the majority of protestors carry on in appropriate peaceful ways just as I think most police officers do a difficult job well. We have to be able to call out and prosecute the bad ones, but not label either the police or protestors into one giant negative stereotype.


  4. As a citizen, as a human, as a mother, as a young black woman I appreciate this post from the bottom of my heart. It’s honest, impassioned and not sensational. I believe it’s all too easy to just view everyone as bad, all black people, all police officers, all politicians but that just isn’t true. This post is the heart of truth. Praying for our nation. Thank you again for this post.


    1. You are welcome. We live in a very racially and ethnically diverse town and it means an enormous amount to me that our police department posted this for us to read. I have started to follow your post and hope you continue to write.

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