“Peaceable Assembly”


After the United States Constitution was ratified, ten amendments, commonly called the Bill of Rights, was added. Much noise surrounds the second amendment which concerns the right to form a “well regulated militia” and bear arms. (How that has been variously interpreted is another topic.) But much more pertinent today is the First Amendment, particularly the ending phrases. Here we are guaranteed the right “peaceably to assemble” and to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Looting is of course against the law. Arson is against the law. But gathering en masse to assemble and protest is protected by the Constitution of the United States. Some people are deeply offended by gatherings of people holding views different from their own. Some leaders want to stop these gatherings from taking place. But over the years disparate groups have been protected and allowed to assemble. Today is no different.

Back to the history classroom many need to go!

(I have had to interrupt my series on massive changes for the moment. Our country suffers deeply at the moment and I need to comment. I hope to make it clear that I support law, the Constitution and freedom for all people.)

11 thoughts on ““Peaceable Assembly”

  1. I think the looting and arson is sad to see. It detracts from the real reason behind those valid demonstrations, and gives a reason for the excessive response by the authorities.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Troubling times indeed, but I do see hope in all this that perhaps there will be real change on a grassroots level and the ridiculous behavior of some of those in supposed roles of leadership will wake even more people up to the reality that everyone suffers if anyone is oppressed.


  3. The cynical part of me sees politicians who love to tout the virtues of the Constitution, but only when it serves their purpose.


  4. You have treaded so beautifully lightly on the reason for these protests and I am going to wade right in there with my big rubber boots! A man’s right to breathe and to life was breached and resulted in his senseless death. Although it happened in the US, similar incidents happen in countries all over the world. This one, though, is causing ripples in many of those countries. If Mr. Floyd’s death results in real change (which will not happen overnight), maybe it will be given some meaning after all.


  5. Hopefully a way forward will be found. We can no go on forever repeating the same mistakes year on year and failing to see that we could do something about this.


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