“32 and Counting!”

In 1988 we completed a year of pre-marital counseling. Our church required the process before a marriage. We brought so much history from our lives and previous marriages(one each) that what would have taken twelve weeks took us much longer. The good news was that we had discussed every issue that would ever come up in the subsequent years. We have yet to hit a stumbling block that we hadn’t already talked through with the minister.

We seem to have gained some weight and lost some hair, but we are spending days together in covid isolation and enjoying the sequester. I can’t imagine having to do this with anyone else. We celebrated this year with a trip to pick up our share of the CSA(consumer supported agriculture) farm down the road. We stopped in at a friend’s stand for strawberries and picked up a delicious dinner from our favorite place, 2 Hopewell. More used to takeout now, we set the table, popped open all the containers, uncapped our nonalcoholic beer and toasted our years together.

Thank goodness for the sanity and safety our marriage provides. In these times of division and chaos across the country, we have our own quiet corner of life.

40 thoughts on ““32 and Counting!”

  1. I am duly impressed, Elizabeth. My three marriages have totalled (so far) 26 years. I am a long way behind you. But I never had any ‘counselling’. Maybe that is the secret?
    Best wishes, and sincere congratulations, my American friend.
    Pete. x


  2. Someone once said that, “To the young, marriage is a heaven; to the old, a haven.” After 51 years of marriage to the same woman, I call it a habit! 😉


  3. Happy Anniversary! I do remember the required counseling at our Episcopal church. We were married five months after we met. Still going strong forty-something years later. Covid has given us time to talk, and argue, and solve the problems of the world, etc. I LOVE your wedding photo, Elizabeth. Precious!


      1. You’re welcome. Religion is also philosophy (said the young man of his mandatory religion course at Exeter), and those discussions with your minister we’re just that. Mine were, too.


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