“Nursing Homes and Farm Workers?”


Although I rarely make political comments on this blog, something I heard yesterday from the Governor of the state of Florida deeply pained me. He said that the virus was only affecting “nursing homes and farm workers.” That he was saying this to defend his refusing to impose any restrictions was the clearest statement I had seen to date as to which people some authorities think don’t count.

Throughout much of the United States a false dichotomy is being presented as truth. Either we have a booming economy or we prevent people dying. Even my 13 year old granddaughter recognizes the logical fallacy of all or nothing thinking. But Florida’s governor seems to believe it and has overtly stated that some citizens are disposable. Forget for a moment that 25% of Florida citizens are over the age of 65 and that Florida has a booming agricultural economy provided by farm workers. And remember that even if that weren’t the case, no human being doesn’t count.

Testing only reveals illness. Testing doesn’t produce illness. And people aren’t dying in Florida because they had a test!

Tomorrow I will try to return to my less outraged self.

32 thoughts on ““Nursing Homes and Farm Workers?”

  1. This pandemic has revealed the flaws in many people’s thinking, and the defects of character of many. They fail to hide how they “weigh up” the value of people when they are deciding what they will do. When it is revealed it is shocking and does engender anger – thankfully – without the anger no change


    1. And then they blamed themselves! A perfect setup by the officials: tell people they are safe and then let them blame themselves for the consequences. Rather like Trump’s waiver for his rally promising you won’t sue him if you sick.

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  2. I can understand why you are so upset, Elizabeth. I had a huge run in with my sons school because they planned to reopen and not offer an on-line option for boys who were vulnerable themselves or living with vulnerable people. I wrote a very angry email and now my boys are doing on-line classes. But really?


  3. Sadly, the Governer of Florida is not the only leader touting these facts as positives, or pursuing the policy of keeping the economy open. I share your outrage and frustration. What seems astonishing in Florida particularly is that, as you say Elizabeth, so many of its residents are seniors who made a choice to move there: investing and spending their money. And the next thing that comes to mind when I think of Florida is oranges and the farming economy. Florida’s economy overall will suffer with the loss of both.


  4. Here in NC on our community FB page, I actually saw a few people arguing that people were being given the virus through testing so they recommended no one get tested. That is a special kind of brilliance right there. Our numbers are still on the rise. They fluctuate, but we have numbers dancing around 1000 almost every day. I have family and friends in Florida, so all this drives me insane.


    1. I could hardly believe that about testing causing the virus. I am so saddened by people taking advice from leaders and then blaming themselves if they get sick instead of raging at the authority figures who said they were safe.

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  5. “Only old people.” “Only meatpackers.” “Only minorities.” “Only farmworkers.” These are the comments of people who are willing to dehumanize their fellow human beings in the service of maintaining their own sense of a) invulnerability b) superiority c) ideological correctness. As hard as my city (NYC) and state have been hit, I am so grateful to be in a place where the vast majority of my fellow residents did not traffic in these tropes. The very people who shout from the rooftops that “All lives matter” seem not to believe that to be true.


  6. The uncaring political posturing of many state & national leaders around the globe in this CoVid pandemic, in not protecting their own populations especially their most vulnerable citizens, has deeply shocked, concerned & saddened me too Elizabeth.

    Conversely those deeply caring state & global leaders have really stood out in this time & done an amazing job protecting & caring for their people which has been very encouraging indeed.


    1. I have been so grateful for the local leaders in my community. They have always been honest and done their best to take care of all of us. Tragically many nursing home residents died before we knew enough about the disease, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

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  7. At one point in New Zealand, an elderly lady had died, possibly one of the last from a cluster at the time…and on my local f/b page some dude said “well she had her life, so it’s not a problem is it!” Not a question rather with the exclamation mark. Someone else piped and said “so what if it was your grandmother…” no reply from the poster but a whole lot of others saying “oh my…etc”


  8. You have every right to be outraged. Leaders have a platform to express their opinions but we do not have to agree or keep quiet if we disagree with them. Sometimes our voice is all we have and we should use it.


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