“Some Assembly Required”


The one thing I hadn’t figured into my timeline for gym construction was the assembly of the incline bench. I spent half an hour on it so far, then realized that I would need Charlie’s help to fasten one large piece to another. He is working at home, so he wasn’t immediately available.

Unlike many things I have put together, this one actually taped the various hardware to a piece of cardboard and labeled each piece. Sadly I misunderstood that the label referred  to the piece over, not under the label. I figured that out when a set of bolts was clearly too small to hold the pieces together. Fortunately I realized as I started to pull the tape off the parts that the labels were coming off also. So now I am just poking little holes to pull out the necessary items. The instructions are clear, just very lengthy.

I went back to read the description of the bench on the website. Frequently buyers touted the “ease of assembly.” Perhaps they were speaking comparatively. It is easier than IKEA projects, but that isn’t saying much! When the bench is ready, the weights await. Of course they came in a 50 pound package, and I had to carry the plates downstairs to the “gym” a few at a time.

At least I am getting a workout preparing a space to have a workout.

35 thoughts on ““Some Assembly Required”

  1. Two words that always strike fear into my heart! ‘Self-Assembly’. I imagine the staff at the company falling about laughing as they picture me trying to assemble anything.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Assembly is never as easy as the website or instructions infer, Elizabeth. My son has one of these exercise benches but, fortunately, my husband put it together. I am not very patient with that sort of thing and am better know for my experimentation than for ever reading a manual.


  3. assembly instructions are created by someone who has never assembled anything!

    I bought an appliance recently that I assumed was ready2use but no, it needed the wheels attached. The instruction leaflet was just plain shocking, some hastily drawn pictures that made no sense, one photograph that wasn’t even helpful…I finally remembered I had one already of similar notion (but came assembled) so then I took the parts to said appliance, and worked out how it all went!

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